Thursday, September 29, 2011

Methods Of Disposing Dog Waste

All dog owners love their dogs but no one loves their dog’s poop mainly for the obvious reasons it’s smelly and just plainly gross. Apart from the so obvious reasons dog poop can be harmful to human beings because they contain parasites like E. coli, salmonella and even roundworms, all of which can make humans ill.

Bagging It Up
It is advised that dog owners collect their dog’s poo as soon as possible to prevent any contamination. The poop should be placed in dog waste bags that can be bought in various sores. One is advised to always have these types of bags whenever he or she leaves with the dog to public places so as to prevent infections to others, in some countries this is a law requirement.

Some dog owners who care for the environment have begun using the new biodegradable dog poop disposal. This is a great way to save the environment because the dog poop bags do not emit chemical and they decompose naturally with the poop I carries. Putting poop in plastic dog poop bags is not a very smart move because they do not decompose and the poop ends up staying in the bag for a very long time.

Give It Away
Another way to get rid of dog poo is by hiring the dog poop collection services. Such companies may come regularly to rid your yard of dog poo or if you have already placed the in dog poop bags they may collect them and dispose them for you. However be sure of their disposal methods before hiring such a company.

Worm Farm Compost
Another solution of getting rid of dog waste is by using the worm farm. These worms are a simple and environmentally friendly way of getting rid of the harmful parasite of the dog poo. As they convert the organic waste into rich organic fertilizers. And best of all they remove the odor too.

These worms com in all shapes and sizes and can be bought from a number of stores including hardware stores. With this method it is vital to remember not to put the dog waste immediately after worming your dogs, the medication will ultimately kill all the worms and there will be no point in the whole process.

All of the methods of disposing dog waste listed above are efficient and simple to do. Follow the above methods to dispose of dog poop easily.

When you are buying dog waste disposal online you must compare the quality and price.